Spring, Summer & Fall Services


Having a lush beautiful lawn requires attention and a lot of hard work. Weekly mowing offers a clean and even cut to help maintain growth and a beautiful appearance.  Contact us today for a consultation.


Contact us for all of your property's needs. Offering everything from mulch to concrete to fences!


The safest and easiest way to winterize your sprinkler system is to hire a irrigation professional to do it for you so that you can rest assured that there’s no water left.  Leaving water in your sprinkler system during the winter months can cause pipes to burst and other damage. So, it’s important you winterize the system before the first freeze. Call us today to get on the list. Also offering full service to all systems and controllers.

Spring and Fall Clean-up

Spring:  cleaning your property of all winter debris. Dethatching the lawn which pulls dead grass from the turf and blowing out landscape beds, then hauling away all of the debris.

Fall: Remove leaves and fallen sticks and haul away from property.

Fertilization & Weed Control

Longville Landscapes has tailored a 7 step fertilizer and Weed Control program that has proven to offer superior results in areas in the East Metro. These steps below are the foundation and standard that we offer to all of our customers in our fertilization program, but there are areas in the White Bear Lake and surrounding communities that require a little added attention to detail. Soil testing and a greater understanding of lawn maintenance is important when striving to offer the best results possible through any given year. At Longville Landscapes we provide that knowledge and customer experience to take your lawn to the next level. 

Lawn Aeration

Aeration is one of the most crucial practices than can be done to your lawn yearly to ensure your lawn is healthy and hardy. Aeration has numerous benefits but most importantly it relieves compaction allowing the roots in your lawn to have better accessibility to water and nutrients from fertilizers. By mechanically removing small cores of dirt it also drives the roots deeper which in turn gives your lawn better stress tolerance from drought, pest, and diseases.